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Armenians, often say this phrase, but many of us also forget that the strength of the castle is not yet a safety.

You should need a reliable lock, which will open the castle doors in front of desired and awaited guests.

Founded in 1996, Sasuntsy David LLC presents a specialized shop of locks in the territory of Armenia.

Main selling products - great variety of high quality locks, handles, furniture handles and other accessories for interior design presented by the world famous manufacturers.

Sasuntsy David LLC is the official distributor for Italian “Mottura”, “Cal”, “Pasini”, Spanish “Amig”, “MCM”, products in Armenia as well as collaborates with Italian "AGB", "Roberto * Marella", "Fadex", "Iseo",, Spanish "Estamp" and Austrian "Siro" companies.

The products at the shop are produced with modern technology and are distinguished by unique modern solutions.

The high - quality products, represented in the shop "The World Locks" will ensure safety of your castle and the unique, interesting and stylish handles and furniture accessories will complement the aesthetic look of your interior.

Rate the achievements of science, combining elegance, safety and high quality.